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Damiano's Premium Gold Rush Styling Clay

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Keep Your Unique Look, turning heads everywhere you go with Damiano's Premium Hair Styling Clay! Enhance your look, whether moist or natural.

• Matte Look when applied on dry hair

• No dandruff residue

• No oily feeling

• Water friendly

• For best results use on dry hair

Latest Hairstyles. Style Effortlessly.

Styles: Fade Haircut, Undercut, Clean Cut Look, Messy Look, Curly Hair Look.

For best results and how to apply:

✓ Reset hair by moisturizing with water

✓ Dry Hair using towel or mold using hair dryer 

✓ Apply dime-size of clay to the palm of your hands and spread evenly

✓ Apply to hair throughout hair, or in the direction desired

✗ Do not over-apply, remember using less goes a long way

Our Clay washes out easily with just water, no special shampoos or soaps are needed and leave your hands grease free when rinsing after use. Does not leave hair greasy or stained after washing out. Leaves hair feeling healthy and clean after a quick rinse. Does not contain harsh chemicals to dry out hair or damage scalp.