Our Journey


Damiano's is a hair grooming enthusiast, whom tired of cheap yet expensive pharmacy products, decided to open his own product line in 2017, to bring to the public! Knowing a bit about the barbershop industry, and much more about finance and other numbered educational fields, becoming a barber was something interesting to achieve. Started at a home apartment as a part time job, and further transferred to Little Havana's well known Paco's Barbershop!

Residing in Miami, FL, to expanding throughout the Orlando and New York network has been a breeze and will continue to do so as the industry expands. The best quality products have been taken place and displayed in many barbershops in the area and remarkable barbershop events. Will continue to offer the best quality products per demand, as our vision is based out of customer satisfaction and needs. We believe looking good isn't a self-principal, looking good is self-respect!