Best tips when using pomade


These are the top tips and tricks when it comes to hair grooming! While this tips and tricks could be hard to find over the internet as this becomes an overwhelmed and very broad topic; we understand the needs of of finding easier, enhanced, non frustrating ways of grooming!

When using pomade, using a comb (or hands if you want a more natural or messier look) part right above the temple, dividing the section in two sides, longer hairs up, shorter hairs down. Dab dime size of product working evenly on shorter hairs and longer hairs; never put too much, remember you can always add more later on. Use as much pomade as needed to keep the part intact throughout the day.

Waking up in the morning (or after a nap) and styling you hair right away could be a little frustrating, as your hair may not want to accommodate the way you want it. For this, simply rinse water and dry with towel, or cool blowdryer. Apply pomade to your hands and work your way through.

It is recommended to use pomade with dry hair for a more effective and natural look. If you would like the best results, apply heat to your hair using a blowdryer and comb/brush. With this method you will need to work your hair before adding product. Once your hair is dry and in the place desired, apply the desired amount of pomade in different sections of quantity.

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